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spooky party update! this is the LAST CALL for PUMPKABOO MASCOT PLUSH AND WHITE MEGA GENGARS. please pay within the next 24 hours if you want a mascot plush or a white mega gengar! they’re almost sold out already and will probably be sold out next time we visit the pokemon center!!!! all other items are still available but we are going tomorrow so if you’d like to buy something now is a great time. 

sign up is here. GBP prices have been updated to reflect the fact the pounds value has changed, prices aren’t actually higher. as usual, shipping is a separate charge.

  1. Pumpkaboo Plush: $18/11.10 GBP
  2. Mega Gengar Plush: $26/16 GBP
  3. Shiny Mega Gengar Plush: $26/16 GBP
  4. Large Gourgeist Plush: $37/22.75 GBP
  5. Guitar Pikachu Plush: $18/11.10 GBP
  6. Maraca Dedennne Plush: $18/11.10 GBP
  7. Pumpkaboo Mascot Plush (Bowtie): $13/8.05 GBP
  8. 17 cm LED Pumpkaboo Light: $43/26.50 GBP
  9. Spooky Party Soft iPhone 5/5s Case: $25/15.40 GBP
  10. Pumpkaboo Silicone iPhone 5/5s Case: $30/18.50 GBP
  11. B6 Double-Ring Notebook: $11/6.80 GBP
  12. Ballpoint Pen: $10/6.20 GBP
  13. Sticky Note Set: $11/6.80 GBP (not pictured)
  14. Plastic Stickers: $9/5.55 GBP (not pictured) 
  15. Memo Pad: $10/6.20 GBP
  16. A4 Clipboard: $15/9.25 GBP
  17. A4 Clearfile: $9/5.55 GBP (not pictured)
  18. Pumpkaboo, Pikachu, Dedenne Metal Charm Set:$10/6.20 GBP
  19. (S / M / L) Spooky Party T-shirt: $32/19.70 GBP
  20. Lidded Mug: $19/11.70 GBP
  21. Flat Pouch: $15/9.25 GBP(not pictured)
  22. Microfiber Towel: $11/6.80 GBP
  23. Rubber Strap Collection (RANDOM! YOU CAN’T REQUEST A CERTAIN POKEMON): $10/6.20 GBP
  24. Pikachu Hoodie: Kids Size: $51/31.30 GBP - Adult Size: $62/38.10 GBP